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3.0 Beta 2 Released March 31, 2009

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Well it looks like beta 2 was released today. Hopefully this build is more stable then the previous. And maybe MMS will be included in this one. I don’t have hope for official tethering though. I will let you guys know how much more stable it is and other little features about it once I install it.


First Week With 3.0 March 24, 2009

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It has been roughly seven days since Apple announced 3.0 and I have been playing with it ever since.  When I first installed it I thought everything was working great and there were not that many bugs that had to be fixed before release.  Boy was I wrong.  It turns out that there is more bugs in this piece of software then in a rotting piece of wood.  I won’t get into the nitty gritty details because of the NDA but I will say that everyone who is so impatient about getting 3.0 needs to just wait it out.  At least for the next release of the beta.


iPhone 3.0 March 18, 2009

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Along with a key note a new game of Bingo begins at Giz.  This keynote was to show off the new iPhone 3.0 software.  Apple finally is starting to come around to what people want.  The 3.0 update will finally include copy and paste, MMS, and many many more features that I don’t feel need to be listed.  The release date for the FW is set for Summer some time.  It is now the busy time for iPhone news with a new phone around the corner.  I am now in the iPhone Dev program so I am now able to use beta software.  I am looking forward to messing with 3.0 and giving my opinions on it (If I can).  Here is to another great update from Apple to the iPhone family.  Also look out for my programs in the app store starting this summer.


New Theme March 10, 2009

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I realized that my current theme was giving some viewers issues seeing complete pictures.  I am trying to fix that with this new theme.  I like it because it kind of goes along the same lines as my twitter.


My Feelings Exactly

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You just have to love when the cartoons in the newspaper actually mean something to some of the people reading them. To me this add just speaks volumes for the way I look at my cell phone. I think there are many others who feel exactly the same way.


iPhone Prototype March 9, 2009

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So I was browsing the usual websites when I came across this thing that is being called an iPhone beta. I personally don’t belive it at all. That interface looks like something apple would have made in the early 90’s not today. But who am I to say if it is real or not. Most of the people on the internet seem to think it is. I guess the next question is if it is unlocked or not?


xGPS Update March 2, 2009

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xGPS 1.2 was released for the iPhone today. I was looking forward to posting a review or some information about the program other then that it has voice directions, uses google maps, and can save the maps/directions you use most often. Tomorrow I will try to get it working properly and post a review about it. To fill this space I will now write a small rant about how everyone and their mother has an iPhone. At first I thought it was cool that the iPhone was being used by everyone. Then I started to talk to people about how they liked their phone and a few said that parts of it are hard to use and confusing. This just dumbfounded me. I have been using an iPhone since iDay 2007 and I have yet to be confused by any aspect of this phone or how to use it. People really need to try something out before they go and buy it just because it is the must have of the year. Damn Apples fantastic marketing department for making it seem like a monkey could use this phone with no problem. Something I miss from the first gen is the exclusivity of the phone. Since it became subsidized it has become more and more prevalent everywhere. And I think it is a must have to join a Fraternity or Sorority at UNF. When I watch those people play on their phones it just makes me want to use my G1 all the time. Then I start using it and realize I don’t have 3G on it and I get sucked right back into the iPhone 3G. The only thing that keeps me from throwing my phone into a wall is that I have a custom theme on it that I haven’t released to anyone so I know I am the only one with it. On the side of theme I am thinking about making a twitter theme. I will do a basic mock up or start one and see how it looks. Look for the start of that here later this week.



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